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An Eternal Relationship…

“We are Nature!  The Earth and all of her inhabitants are one organism.”

The Earth is responsible for all aspects of life- the basics for survival and to potentially maximize our ability to thrive in our evolutionary process.  Spending time alone or with family and friends in Nature surrounded by the rest of the Earth’s creations and inhabitants: grass, trees, plants, water, and wild life allows for a sense of connection and renewal. Nature facilitates our health and wellbeing as well as our spiritual-consciousness development. The Earth’s Schumann waves 7.83 hz is comparable to our restorative and healing, alpha brainwave state (i.e. relaxation, meditation).

The ancient systems including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda were established to maximize internal and external harmony with our environment. Many cultures, spiritual, and religious traditions originated with a similar intent to harmonize with the natural environment (landscape, ecosystems, cycles, and frequencies) for survival, social development, and sustainable evolution. Science explored the internal, external, and furthest reaches of our environment. Art (also used in ritual and ceremony) was a means of expression and communicating information with each other and our environment, call and response. After thousands of years, the bottom line–Nature and the environment still hold the key to our survival.

Mindful Health

Our mind and emotions can affect how effectively our bodies can repair cells, organs, and systems from daily stressors. We can support our body’s ability to self-heal by increasing our awareness: thoughts, perceptions, and resulting behaviors.

Dr. Lissa Rankin, MD shares what is possible when the mind supports the body via simple consciousness practices….


Food for Longevity

Conscious eating can contribute to health, wellbeing, and longevity. The body constantly repairs itself, but it needs the right resources. A 70 year-old woman shares her practice for maximizing her quality of life…

Self Knowledge

Through out our life, we often seek to understand ourselves, others, and our world.  As we deepen in awareness, we have more questions than answers. Eventually, we begin to see with clarity beyond the concepts of our thoughts and understanding…


Before the Fall…

We do everything within our power to avoid the unraveling of our relationships, work, finances, and life. The last thing we want to experience is feeling helpless or worse… failure. After we have done the best we can, what if it is an opportunity for a new beginning?