Community Health & Wellbeing

The Pay-It-Forward program was established to provide professional, educational services (free and by donation). These quality, mind-body/holistic health and wellbeing resources include sessions, groups, classes, and courses. The donations provide funding for others to also receive these resources. Research has shown that preventive and supportive care as well as creating a healthy routine can reduce risks for actual health problems.

Healing Emotional Pain & Trauma

We help people heal from oppression, trauma, and daily life stressors to improve health and wellbeing, manage chronic health conditions, strengthen immunity, and optimize quality of life. Stressors include experiences of income disparity, inequality, injustice, prejudice, discrimination, violence, and systemic racism. Painful emotions and trauma (personal, ancestral, transgenerational, community, and cultural) affect our ability to navigate and overcome challenges. Conscious (and unconscious) unresolved life experiences can burden the heart-body in many ways and contribute to multiple health problems:

Diabetes ◦ High Blood Pressure ◦ Depression ◦ Anxiety ◦ Hormonal-Metabolic Imbalances Weakened Immunity

Other difficulties may include:

  • Inflammation, pain
  • Problems sleeping
  • Weight gain, emotional eating
  • Alcohol/drug abuse, addictions
  • Anger, betrayal/loss of trust
  • Worry, grief/loss, loneliness, regret
  • Lack of fulfillment, emptiness, disconnect
  • Trauma, reliving or experiencing additional trauma

Get Affordable, Professional Help!

Our Pay-It-Forward resources for whole life balancing, health, and wellbeing include:

  • Emotional-Mental Wellbeing Sessions
  • Wounding, Pain, & Trauma Healing
  • Holistic Health & Wellness Sessions
  • Personal & Family-Ancestral Healing
  • Restorative Living & Home
  • Online Talks, Groups, & Events

Contact us or call (805) 380-3733 for more information or schedule an appointment (complimentary phone and online/video call options available).