2023: Intentions for Restoration & Renewal

The past several years have brought stressful changes and challenges. The year of 2023 requires continued attention to restoring the mind-body-spirit for personal and collective healing. The pandemic, war, conflict, and ongoing events have affected lives in many ways increasing worry, fear, and anxiety. It is more important than ever …

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Living Sanctuary

We provide holistic health and healing personal sessions, groups, classes, and courses. This work is not only to get through difficult changes and situations; but, to revitalize life. It is also an opportunity to reconnect and deepen inner relationship to further personal-spiritual development.

Receive help to:
◦ Navigate life challenges
◦ Release fear, anxiety, and worry
◦ Heal from oppression and systemic racism
◦ Create balance, creativity, & prosperity

Our resources include:
◦ Emotional-Mental Wellbeing & Trauma Healing
◦ Reducing Trauma & Chronic Health Conditions in BIPOC Communities
◦ Personal & Spiritual Development
◦ Holistic Health & Healing
◦ Healing Lifestyle & Environment
Online Talks, Groups, Classes, & Courses

Healing Lifestyle

Living Sanctuary provides resources for holistic health and healing (personal, family/ancestral, community, and environment). We help you to heal emotional pain and trauma as well as to improve overall health and wellbeing, manage chronic health conditions, and optimize your quality of life. We also support you in developing a way of being (not only habit/lifestyle changes) that nurtures and restores you. A restorative way of being provides an internal locus of motivation for sustainable, long-term change.


“Dr. Miller has demonstrated an exceptional ability to achieve successful outcomes incorporating integrative-complimentary interventions to facilitate the healing process.” ~ Frances A., Miami, FL

“I contacted Myra to receive clarity on the state of neutralness I was in, perplexed as to why. I am very spiritual and knowledgeable yet her guidance to help me move forward and to let go and trust was beautiful. She is very committed to enabling people to realize the power within that we all have. I highly recommend having a session with Myra to open up your life.” ~ Carole K., Los Angeles, CA

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Creating Personal Sanctuary

Our latest posts of videos, articles, and reflections to nourish the mind, body, and spirit.

17 Mar


“Sticks and stones may break my bones; but, words….” Words not only have a mental effect; but, they also have energetic consequences. Sharing and supportive listening helps to create connection and companionship in navigating life. It may be something that we read, watched, heard (i.e., news, a bit of gossip) …

15 Mar


“The most difficult phase of life is not when no one understands you; it is when you don’t understand yourself.” Through out our life, we often seek to understand ourselves, others, and our world.  As we deepen in awareness, we have more questions than answers. Eventually, we begin to see with clarity beyond the concepts of …

12 Mar

An Eternal Relationship…

“We are Nature!  The Earth and all of her inhabitants are one organism.” The Earth is responsible for all aspects of life- the basics for survival and to potentially maximize our ability to thrive in our evolutionary process.  Spending time alone or with family and friends in Nature surrounded by the rest of the Earth’s …

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