Intro, Creating Living Sanctuary

Life Group Introduction

Holistic Spirituality: The Sacred, Health, & Wellbeing
Monday, January 29; 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm PT
Online (Zoom), Donation; Register

Often, our life is compartmentalized to keep up with a hectic schedule. When we have time to rebalance, we are often energized with new hope, ideas, and solutions to our daily challenges. A careful balance of restoration and activity is just as essential as the physical food, water, and breath that sustains us.

High Stress & Chronic Health Conditions

Finding time and energy to create healing space in our life can be difficult. A restorative, practice may have to wait to a specific day or time. We are taught to take care of everyone and everything else before we take care of our self. Ongoing stress (i.e, socio-economic, work-life, trauma, environmental/geopathic stress) and reduced sleep, insufficient hydration, and low nutrient dense foods may further drain our mind, body, and spirit. This often leads to burnout. Long periods of rest and activity imbalance strain our metabolic and hormonal relationships. Eventually, this leads to increased inflammation and chronic health conditions.

Learn how to simplify and de-compartmentalize your life. Align mind-body-spirit to fully engage all aspects of who you are for a more balanced, daily experience. Develop greater awareness of personal strengths for internal motivation and sustainable, long-term change. Contact us to learn more about Creating Living Sanctuary and the upcoming online life group.