Restoring Relationship

Nature: The Sacred, Natural Design, & Relationship

Our holistic, community health work integrates nature, natural design and relationship; ancestral-indigenous wisdoms; ancient medicine systems, healing technologies, and self-practices; and multidisciplinary research: conservation, environmental, and transpersonal psychology; neuroendocrine immunology; physiology; physics; and ancient, medicine systems. Relationship anchors our humanity; it is the foundation of identity and community development. The quality of our relationships affect health and wellbeing; art/design, science, and tech advancement; and social, cultural, and consciousness evolution.

Natural Relationship & Environment

Nature is relationship. The ancient systems including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda were established to maximize internal (mind, body, and heart/spirit) and external (family, community) harmony with our environment. Many cultures, spiritual, and religious traditions originated with a similar intent to harmonize with the natural environment (landscape, ecosystems, cycles, and frequencies) for survival, social development, and sustainable living/evolution. Science explored the internal, external, and furthest reaches of our environment. Art (also used in ritual and ceremony) was a means of expression and communicating information with each other and our environment, call and response.

For thousands of years, many cultures have cultivated a synchronistic relationship with Nature and the natural cycles (i.e., Farmer’s Almanac, seasonal and holiday celebrations, etc.). Schumann waves (7.83 Hz), similar to the human alpha brainwave state (i.e., meditation), are essential to our health and wellbeing. The human body mirrors the planet’s systems, elements, polarity, and electromagnetic fields in synergistic relationship evidenced by the pioneering research of physicist W.O. Schumann. In addition, studies have shown that regular engagement in nature lowers rates of diabetes, heart disease, and psychological disorders. Healthy natural areas (greenspace) also help to reduce mortality and to regulate the spread of vector borne disease.

Natural Design: Quality of Life & Community Wellbeing

Relationship is required for holistic health and wellbeing (i.e., emotional, hormonal, and metabolic balance; epigenetic prevention/mitigation; strong immunity), creativity, and prosperity. Relationship helps us to heal personal, transgenerational, community and historical wounding, pain, and trauma. Our relationships and environment: intimate partnerships; family/loved ones; and our extended family (social, cultural, and economic communities, Earth) allow us to grow, develop, and evolve….to thrive.

In healing relationship, we can restore our communities. Our thoughts, behaviors, and social interactions can exemplify the best of humanity. We can work together more effectively to conserve, restore, and maximize personal and collective resources to preserve the Earth and ensure access, equality, justice, prosperity for everyone. After thousands of years, the bottom line–Nature/our environment and relationship still hold the key to our survival.

Contact us to learn more about our Natural Design: Holistic Health & Healing services and resources including the life group intro session and 4-week workshop series. The introduction and life group are provided via video-conferencing (i.e., Zoom, Microsoft Teams). We offer online and onsite resources contribute to local and global community building and renewal.