Dr. Myra Miller PhD CKYT CHHC


From my ancestors, I understand that harm done to others is harm done to oneself. The work is for the healing of humanity, “to bring Light into this plane” to clearly see that there is only one. The concept of “other” is illusion, dimmed light or shadow; which contribute to acts against humanity. Oppression, suppression and subjugation of the spirit impacts the human experience – health, immunity, purpose-creativity, and ability to manifest prosperity. 

I founded The Living Sanctuary, Interfaith Healing Center, a heart-centered sacred space and restorative community, to support holistic health, facilitate healing, and help people cultivate a fulfilling, peaceful, inspiring, and prosperous life experience. For more than 15 years, I have provided psychotherapy, trauma therapy, holistic health/wellness consulting, fitness education, mind-body therapies, personal/family-ancestral healing, and guided spiritual-consciousness development.

My Story

As child, I wanted to become a nurse to help people heal. After going to school for nursing and social work, I saw the need for more holistic resources to address life’s challenges. I am trained as a transpersonal psychologist with specializations in clinical psychology, trauma and somatic therapies, spiritual guidance, and education and research. I also studied Ayurveda/yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and naturopathy and became certified as a holistic health/natural health and wellness consultant.

In my life, I strive to live from a place of relationship with the Sacred-Nature and an idea of Self as inner/personal, family/community, and the Earth/environment. I honor my ancestors (African, Native American +) in an ancestral-indigenous approach to my life and working with clients. My dissertation research addressed the high rate of schizophrenia and diagnosis bias in African Americans. The study was conducted within an ancestral-indigenous culture and transgenerational trauma context (95% of the study’s participants were of both African and Native American ancestry who historically experienced slavery, genocide, and more).

Creating Living Sanctuary

My ancestors/ancestry and many years of education, training, and research contribute to a heart-centered, holistic approach to help restore relationship (i.e., inner/personal, family/ancestral, community, and Earth/environmental); heal soul wounding and pain; navigate life challenges; and improve quality of life. I integrate transpersonal principles of spiritual and holistic development: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual-consciousness, relational, and creativity-purpose with ancestral-indigenous/Eastern wisdoms, spiritual gifts, and naturopathy.

Injuries and traumas of the heart-soul-spirit affect the mind-body and vice versa contributing to chronic health conditions and impaired immunity. Liberation of the heart-soul-body involves nourishing and strengthening the spirit and multilevel healing – personal, family, and ancestors. This includes addressing chronic stress (i.e., daily stressors, oppression, injustice, inequality, systemic racism +), emotional wounding, and transgenerational-personal trauma.

In our work together, I provide resources and tools to help restore emotional-mental balance, reduce stress, improve health, and strengthen immunity. I guide and support you in your work to heal, develop, grow/expand, and experience freedom in fully being your truth. Contact me to learn more or to schedule an initial consultation. I look forward to helping you create healing, health, and wellbeing in all aspects of your life.

Love & Light,
Dr. Myra