Dr. Myra Miller PhD, CHHC


The Living Sanctuary, Interfaith Healing Center was created to support holistic health, facilitate healing, and help cultivate a fulfilling, peaceful, inspiring, and prosperous life experience. For more than 15 years, I have provided psychotherapy, trauma therapy, holistic health/wellness consulting, mind-body therapies, personal/family-ancestral healing, and guided spiritual-consciousness development. I work with you to maximize whole life healing and revitalization.

My Story

As child, I wanted to become a nurse to help people heal. After going to school for nursing and social work, I saw the need for more holistic resources to address life’s challenges. To prepare, I completed a doctorate degree in transpersonal psychology with specializations in clinical psychology, trauma and somatic therapies, spiritual guidance, and education and research. Post-doctoral education included Eastern medicine (Ayurveda/Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine), naturopathy, and numerous health, wellbeing, and fitness certifications. As an ordained minister, I am able to focus on the renewal and healing of the heart-soul-spirit that is deeply affected by oppression, systemic racism, chronic stress, emotional pain, and trauma (i.e., historical, transgenerational, cultural, personal). Injuries and traumas of the heart-soul-spirit affect the mind-body and vice versa contributing to chronic health conditions and weakened immunity.

Creating Living Sanctuary

Many years of education, training, research, and spiritual gifts contribute to a heart-centered, holistic approach to help restore relationship (i.e., inner/personal, family/ancestral, community, and Earth/environmental); heal wounding, pain, and trauma; resolve emotional, mental, physical, and life challenges; and improve quality of life. Review the website resources for inspiration or feel free to contact me for a personal guide to help you create prosperity in all aspects of your life. I look forward to working together to optimize whole life health and wellbeing for you and your loved ones.

Love & Light,
Dr. Myra