Our Services-by-Donation Program

When you contribute, your gift supports the Pay-It-Forward program to provide quality, mind-body/holistic health and wellbeing resources (free and by donation). Your donation increases accessibility to affordable personal, couples, and family sessions, workshops, classes, and events helping us to serve more people. Resources are provided by phone or online video conferencing (Zoom, Skype) and onsite.

We help people heal from trauma, oppression, and daily life stressors. This includes experiences of income disparity, inequality, injustice, prejudice, discrimination, violence, and systemic racism. Emotional pain and trauma (personal, ancestral, transgenerational, community, and cultural) are addressed to improve health and wellbeing, manage chronic health conditions, strengthen immunity, and optimize quality of life.

Contribute to Community Health & Wellbeing

Personal challenges and suffering have increased the need for emotional-mental support and resources for holistic health and wellbeing. Research has shown that preventive and supportive care as well as creating a healthy routine can reduce risks for health conditions. Preventive and/or supportive care may be invaluable in navigating current challenges as well as those yet to come.

We invite you to contribute to the Living Sanctuary Pay-It-Forward Fund. You will be helping people to access care and self-help tools that may be otherwise unavailable to them. We greatly appreciated any amount that you give.

Thank you for your gift!