Pay-It-Forward Program: Contribute to Community Health and Wellbeing

The Pay-It-Forward program provides quality, mind-body/holistic health and wellbeing resources by donation. The donations are given back to the community by providing more donation-based services and classes to serve more people.

Often, mind-body/holistic health and wellbeing services are considered a luxury or for those who have the extra resources. Research has shown that preventive and supportive care as well as creating a healthy routine can reduce risks for actual health problems. We understand that preventive and/or supportive care may be invaluable in gaining the resources to improve a person’s quality of life.

We invite you to contribute to the Living Sanctuary Pay-It-Forward Program. You will be helping people to access care and self-help tools that may be otherwise unavailable to them. We greatly appreciated any amount that you give. For your contribution, you will receive a gratitude certificate for health and wellbeing resources. Thank you for your gift!

Gratitude Certificates (online):
$1 to $29 – Wellbeing Guide
$30 – Restorative Mini Session
$60 – Personal Wellness Class
$120 – Mini Session, Wellness Class, and Guide
$360 or more – Health and Wellbeing Toolkit