Holistic Health & Healing: Personal, Family/Ancestral, Community, & Environment

Living Sanctuary integrates transpersonal principles of spiritual and holistic development (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual-consciousness, relational, and creativity-purpose) with ancestral-indigenous/Eastern wisdoms and practices, mind-body modalities, and naturopathy. These resources and tools are combined to guide and support people in their work to heal, develop, grow/expand, and experience freedom in fully being their truth.

Oppression, suppression and subjugation of the human experience impacts health, immunity, purpose-creativity, and ability to manifest prosperity. Liberation of the heart-soul involves nourishing and strengthening the spirit and multilevel healing – personal, family, ancestors, and all of our relations. This includes addressing chronic stress (i.e., daily stressors, systemic racism), emotional wounding, transgenerational-personal trauma, chronic health conditions, and weakened immunity. Contact us to receive caring, professional support for growth, development, and transformation that also nourishes and revitalizes your mind-body-spirit to curate a life of holistic wellbeing.