BIPOC Professional Development

Healing from Oppression, Part II: Truth, Purpose, & Creative Prosperity
A Black, Indigenous, & People of Color/BIPOC Professional Development Course
Tuesdays, TBA; 6:00 – 8:00 pm PST
4 Weekly Classes (8 hrs) + 2 Support Sessions (1 hr)
Online Course (Zoom); Register

What is this course about?

Professional Development & Ancestral-Indigenous Culture

Receive individual and group support navigating challenges in oppressive environments: working with clients, co-workers, and management who consciously/unconsciously engage in micro-macro aggression, actively/passively support systemic racism, and overtly/inherently express oppressive (race, gender, sex, ethnicity, color, class +) beliefs, words, and actions. Ancestral-indigenous paradigms provide a relationship-based approach to living truth/purpose with thriving wellbeing and creative prosperity. This course is also safe space for balancing stress and emotions as well as healing personal and transgenerational trauma that affect daily experiences and overall quality of life.

Key Takeaways:

You’ll be able to walk away with:

  • Personal-collective story/narrative and cultural, ancestral-indigenous individual and group practices to navigate oppression, manage stress, and to cleanse emotional pain and trauma
  • Personalized toolbox with a daily practice
  • Relationship-based tools for growth, development, evolution
  • Strategies for altruistic leadership, social/environmental stewardship & activism
  • Create inclusive approach(es) to benefit all of humanity
  • Theory & Model Development, Applied Research, Projects
  • Presentations, Public Speaking, Publishing (i.e., blog, articles, book/collaborative books, social media)
  • Growth tools for Entrepreneurship, Private Practice, Career Development & Change

Who/what is this good for?

The 4-week course helps you to restory your narrative beyond oppression and colonialized socialization. Professional development resources are provided to cleanse oppressive experiences and socialization, wounding/pain, and trauma as well as to navigate challenges related to creating your authentic place in the world. This course is dedicated safe space holding heart and humanity for personal-collective BIPOC healing and development. Two individual sessions are included to provide personalized support; additional 1:1 online sessions are available. Contact us to learn more or to create a healing community specific to the needs of your organization or community.