The Truth Shall Set You Free…

Know thyself” (Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi)… and to thy own self be true (Hamlet, William Shakespeare).”


Dharma – Truth, true being; natural gifts and abilities
Artha (Dharma) – Purpose, meaning; altruist contribution(s) to society and the planet
Kama (Dharma/Artha) – Enjoying the beauty, abundance, and prosperity of life
Moksha (Dharma/Artha/Kama) – Liberation, freedom

There is much happening in the world at this moment. It is hard to know what to believe and what to not believe. The constant influx of information and news/fake news can be overwhelming. We try to regroup with down time; limiting how much we are exposed to and resting from the influx. However, people are still feeling overwhelmed from the uncertainty with the pandemic, unemployment/failing businesses, fires and natural disasters, systemic racism, and the societal impact of politics. Truth and clarity have become more challenging.

Regularly going within to connect and anchor is necessary to sustain, root, and ground us. Our dharma/truth is a door that helps us access clarity and discernment/multiple ways of knowing that cuts through and uncovers false information and appearances. Dharma/truth is a cultivated inner relationship that provides clarity of who we really are beyond what we were told to believe. We can clearly see the projections (falsehoods/illusion) of others that oppress, constrict, and limit us.

This awareness, insight, and clarity also allow us to see falsehoods that show up in society. Truth is beyond the duality/dichotomy of this or that; limitation based on what we or others can currently perceive. Truth exists regardless of whether someone can perceive it; such as the evolving sciences. Like Einstein and other visionaries, they often went within to make major discoveries that have changed how we understand the world.

Living from Truth

Cultivating inner relationship, operating from our truth/dharma, and receiving discernment allow us to access information and resources beyond perception. So, the saying “when one door closes another one opens”; creation is ongoing and infinite not just door #1 or door #2, the only options we can see at this moment. In a time of overwhelm, uncertainty, and unrest; anchoring within can help us find calming clarity and unexpected resources in the tumultuous eye of the storm.

Living Sanctuary helps you to access and live your truth/dharma. The in-depth, visioning work/journeying session (online/Zoom) focuses on accessing personal truth/purpose and uncovering underlying issues that contribute to feeling “stuck”, being overwhelmed with problems, challenges with health concerns, and maintaining life balance. Following the journey work, you receive support in applying the gained insights to cultivate emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health as well as creative prosperity. Schedule a session or contact us to learn more, we also provide group sessions for families and groups.