To heal, develop, and evolve achieving our full creative potential in a nurturing environment co-creating a sustainable, reciprocal relationship with each other and the Earth.


To provide local and global resources that contribute to the healing and restoration of individuals, families, communities, and our environment.


Welcoming people of all backgrounds; we inspire, empower, and cultivate inner awareness, self-knowledge, and connection to our heart/spirit/power source to passionately express our lives with altruistic mission/purpose including social and environmental justice.

Heart-centered, reciprocal relationship lays the foundation for personal, family, community, and environmental renewal.

Expanding our definition of self to include self as others: family/ancestors, community, and Earth/environment; which, forms an evolving individual and collective sense of self.

Wholistically developing the spiritual-conscious, emotional, mental, physical, creativity, and relational/social dimensions of the self awakens a different relationship with the world.