Living Sanctuary Healing Center & Spiritual Community


To heal, develop, and evolve achieving our full creative potential in a nurturing environment co-creating a sustainable, reciprocal altruistic relationship with each other and the Earth.


To provide local and global resources that contribute to the healing and restoration of individuals, families, communities, and our environment.


Welcoming people of all backgrounds; we inspire, empower, and cultivate inner awareness, self-knowledge, and connection to our heart/spirit/power source to passionately express our lives with altruistic purpose including social and environmental justice.

Heart-centered, reciprocal relationship lays the foundation for personal, family, community, and environmental renewal.

Expanding our definition of self to include self as others: family, community, and Earth/environment; which, forms an evolving individual and collective sense of self.

Wholistically developing the spiritual-conscious, emotional, mental, physical, creativity, and relational/social dimensions of the self awakens a different relationship with the world.

Healing Relationship

The Sacred is often known as God/Goddess, Source, Nature, the Divine, the Mother/Father/Creator, Universe, Holy Spirit, Spirit, Higher Self, and Consciousness and other names/expressions that embodied the highest frequency of love, compassion, and light. Developing a natural, heart centered-relationship with the Sacred informs relationship with Nature, the Earth, and each other. This nourishing, inner relationship (connection, communication, and communion) facilitates heart-body, soul, spirit healing and human (Hu/Light manifesting) development. We are able to “power up” receiving Light/frequency, guidance, and resources for our daily life evolving to our fullest potential and expression of truth. Ascended Masters of different cultures and religions exemplify this natural, inherent, heart-centered relationship (e.g., Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Kuan Yin, Mohammad, and more).

The Living Sanctuary, Interfaith Healing Center offers sacred space and supportive community for in depth healing and development. We provide multiple resources as applied, heart-centered relationship: to contribute to social justice, healing, and development; particularly helping to resolve issues of oppression, systemic racism, and food, housing, and resource apartheid. Our community projects include the Pay-It-Forward program that provides holistic health and healing personal and relationship sessions (couples, family) with educational resources (life groups, workshops, classes, retreats, and events). These offerings also help to resolve trauma (personal, intergenerational, transgenerational, ancestral, community, cultural, and historical). 

The Apothecary Healing Clinic and The Harmony Project are part of a community outreach to help nourish our connection and relationship with Nature, natural cycles, rhythms, flows drawing from ancestral-indigenous wisdom, ancient light healing technologies and self-practices, and relational/folk/ethno-botany. This work addresses our experience as Spirit embodied and discovering deeper awareness of self and the true nature of our existence. This includes creating healing and maintaining balanced fluidity (natural ebb and flow) in our emotional states, states of consciousness, and navigation of everyday experiences and challenges. Workshops, classes, and nature immersion retreats support personal healing work for rematriation, reclamation, and re-storying of individual, ancestral/family, and collective experiences. The Nature Studies Conservatoryour 501c3 nonprofit and The Culture of Sustainability Collaborative increase the accessibility of the Healing Center’s services and resources while providing opportunities for ancestral-indigenous applied research and the development of our first intentional healing community (heart-centered relationship with each other and Nature/the environment; eco-preneurship; slow, natural, sustainable living +).

Articles of Faith: Eight Fundamental Assumptions

The Interfaith Healing Center (IHC) is not about dogma; these eight fundamental assumptions form the pillars of the community.

  • Interfaith, as a faith, that we each encounter the Sacred in our own way that leads us to live from a heart-centered way of being united in our common humanity to act with love, compassion, and respect.
  • The Sacred may be known as God/Goddess, Source, Nature, the Divine, the Mother/Father/Creator, Universe, Holy Spirit, Spirit, Higher Self, Consciousness, and other names/expressions that embodied the highest frequency of love, compassion, and light.
  • The healing power of the Sacred.
  • Holding intention and aspiring for the highest frequency, highest good, doing not harm as exemplified by the ascended masters (e.g., Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Kuan Yin, Muhammad, and others).
  • Expanding the definition of self to include self as others (i.e., family, community, and Earth/environment).
  • Cultivating the ability to access inner wisdom receiving Divine guidance and resources for greater clarity, insight, truthful expression, and prosperity in daily living to contribute to personal and collective development and healing.
  • Being/living in heart-centered, relationship with the Sacred and expressing this relationship in our words, actions, choices, and decisions.
  • As a extension of the heart-centered, relationship with the Sacred, actively practicing altruistic, social/environmental stewardship: uplifting humanity, resolving issues that contribute to suffering, and helping to preserve the Earth.

Holistic Health, Healing, and Development

We provide our sessions by phone, online via Zoom (additional options available), and onsite. Some of our workshops and events are also offered via Zoom:

  • Weekly Message
  • Monthly Healing Ceremony
  • The Harmony Project: Rematriation, Reclamation, & Re-storying
  • Natural Design: Holistic Health & Healing – Personal, Couples/Partners, & Family Sessions; Workshops, Classes, Retreats, & Events
  • BIPOC Healing from Oppression: Nature, Ancestral-Indigenous Wisdoms, Health/Wellbeing, & Liberation
  • Heart Emotional Wellbeing: Stress, Trauma, Chronic Health Conditions, & Immunity
  • Heart Journeys: Personal & Community Healing
  • Pay-It-Forward Program: Sessions, Workshops, Classes, & Events by Donation
  • Nature Immersion Healing Retreats
  • Living Sanctuary Heart & Home: Restorative Life Design & Sacred Space Curation

Contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment to receive services and resources to help you on your healing journey. We also provide guidance in creating a nourishing living space (sacred space) for your inner work that supports and aligns with your fullest truth.