Anchoring in a Time of Uncertainty

In the midst of local-global challenges: the Coronavirus and eradicating racism, inequality, injustice, and police brutality; it is more important than ever to heal and renew our inner peace for health, wellbeing, prosperity, and life balance. 2020 brings an opportunity for change, releasing the old and beginning anew. This year has the potential for deep transformation. How do we make the most of this opportunity when there is so much happening?

Due to the pandemic, even more people are faced with increasing work, health, relationship, family, and financial problems. Ongoing, national and world-wide issues continue to increase concern about the state of humanity and the earth. The uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring has increased worry, fear, and anxiety.

Living Sanctuary is providing free 2020 Healing for Life individual, group, and community sessions for professional support in finding peace, regaining balance, and navigating current challenges as well as the ones ahead of us.