Restorative Environment

Healing Space: A Restorative Environment & Quality of Life

Being immersed in Nature is healing. Beautiful scenes in nature are inspiring and restorative. It is important that the home environment has similar benefits. As in nature, the experience of a indoor space affects emotions, health, and overall wellbeing.

Living Sanctuary helps you to create a restorative environment that improves your quality of life and contributes to the renewal of the planet. We simplify making healthy changes to your home and office environment that fosters a more peaceful, balanced daily experience.


Cleansing your home and work space releases unhealthy, old, congested energy and creates space for fresh, vibrant life. Energy from our daily experiences is absorbed by our home, office, and personal items. This energy builds-up in the walls, ceiling, floor/carpet and furniture as well as areas with reduced circulation corners, closets, etc.

It is important to cleanse before and/or after the following situations:

  • Beginning a new goal, project, or change
  • Moving into a new space or a person moves out
  • Divorce or ending of a relationship
  • Negative thoughts and stressful experiences
  • Arguments and intense releases of emotion (i.e., anger, sadness, etc.)
  • Injury, illness, or death
  • Purchasing antique, vintage or second-hand items

We help you develop a personalized, cleansing routine that effectively releases unhealthy energy and supports you and your family's vision. Learn simple methods that fit your schedule and specific needs. Cleansing daily can be as quick as a 5-minutes!

As a regular practice, cleansing creates “flow” lifting and brightening the energy of the space. Cleansing is recommended before starting a decluttering project. “Pre-cleanse/cleaning” makes it easier to release items (and the associated emotions) that no long support your life vision. We provide guidance in choosing, making, and using healthy cleaning products that also cleanse and elevate energy to support the decluttering process or general space maintenance.

Decluttering Detox

Belongings can hinder or nurture. We help you to organize and select items that align with your life vision and support your health and wellbeing (emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual). We provide effective strategies for choosing items that inspire, motivate, and energetically uplift you; and move you toward your goals. Creating more space impacts your quality of life and supports lasting, positive change. 

Decluttering is a deep cleansing process that may bring up emotions or memories. We compassionately support you in choosing to keep or release these items. It is important to consistently create the time for the process to experience successful change with visual results in the desired time frame. We also help your to apply your vision to create a manageable, regular practice to maintain your beautiful, refreshingly uncluttered space.

Intuitive Curation

Our mind, body, and spirit receives and operates on frequency. Mood, mental wellbeing, and physical health are affected by the frequency of our environments. Intuitive Curation maximizes the frequency of an environment (i.e., room, home, office) to create a rejuvenating, healing space. The desired area receives a frequency attunement with space curation that includes intentional selection of current and/or new furnishings and arrangement.

Environment Cleanse*: $120 (initial consult with follow-up session; additional sessions available)

Environment Declutter*: $360 (initial consult with 4 sessions; additional sessions available)

Environment Curation*: $300 (initial consult with assessment and curation)

*Convenient phone and Skype/Zoom sessions are also available.

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