Getting to the Root of Racism

Community Healing: Uncovering Hidden Beliefs & Unpacking the Heart

Relationship anchors our humanity; it is the foundation of identity and community/social development.

Systemic racism affects everyone. Oppression and violence are often cyclic with the oppressor becoming the oppressed and the oppressed becoming the oppressor. Elders of cultures around the world understand that harm done to others is harm done to oneself. The work is for the healing of humanity.

Relationship helps us to heal personal, family/ancestral, and community wounding, pain, and trauma. Relationship is required for holistic health and wellbeing (i.e., emotional, hormonal, and metabolic balance; immunity; and vitality), creativity, and prosperity. Our relationships and environment: intimate partnerships; family/loved ones; and our extended family (communities, nation, the Earth) allow us to grow, develop, and evolve…to thrive.

Restoring Relationship

Health & Wellbeing

In October 2019, the Center for Disease Control indicated that six in ten adults in the US have a chronic disease and four in ten adults have two or more. Diabetes, lung diseases, and serious heart conditions have been particularly relevant to COVID-19 risk. A 2020 study by John Hopkins found that chronic stress can weaken immunity increasing vulnerability to diseases like COVID-19 (and the underlying health conditions that increase the risk of COVID-19).

Chronic Stress & Trauma

The heart carries the emotional pain of many generations….

Historic, cultural, racial, transgenerational, and daily experiences contributed to chronic stress, duress, and trauma. Oppression, slavery, genocide, and colonization; systemic-racism and caste-like systems; war, political violence and police brutality; human trafficking; gender, domestic, and community violence; poverty and famine; grief and loss; separation and alienation as well as intentional or unintentional macro- and micro-aggressions are a few examples of historical and present-day contributors. The beliefs that fuel these actions are also related to experiences: as a child growing up, socialization (i.e., the backpacks we were given – privilege, oppression), beliefs we were consciously (or unconsciously) taught, hate, prejudice, racism, gender bias, and domestic and community violence as well as cultural, ancestral-transgenerational, and historical trauma. It all affects the core of our being. There are numerous studies on transgenerational trauma and the effects across multiple generations (i.e., Native Americans, African Americans, Jewish Holocaust survivors, Irish, war veterans, and others).

Chronic stress, trauma, and lifestyle can “turn on” genes affected by historical/transgenerational experiences (epigenetics) contributing to the chronic health conditions that are affecting six in ten adults (with four in ten having two or more conditions) and increase risks for COVID-19. A person also may experience anger, rage, and blackouts; be violent; feel numb, disconnected or be affected in other ways that emotionally, mentally and physically impact one’s wellbeing, interactions, and relationships. Unresolved emotional pain, trauma, and extended exposure to chronic stress increase chronic health condition risks as well as potential inter-relationship challenges for future generations.

Individual & Collective Healing

Our nation and the world are reeling with pain that spans from the present to hundreds (perhaps thousands) of years. The only way forward for true change requires the healing of the aggressions (intentional and unintentional). Healing allows for new relationship that eradicates oppression, suppression, separation, alienation, and acts of violence, racism, prejudice, injustice, and inequality threatening humanity, impacting all life and the planet. It is time to heal.

Ancient cultures often created space for healing in relationship and community. They understood the holistic nature of emotional pain, wounding, and trauma and created interventions to regularly release experiences that would otherwise impact the health of the person and the community. In healing relationship, we can restore our communities. Our thoughts, behaviors, and social interactions can exemplify the best of humanity. We can work together more effectively to conserve, restore, and maximize personal and collective resources to preserve the Earth and ensure access, equality, justice, and prosperity for everyone.

The healing of individuals, families, relationships, communities, nations, and the environment— the world require repairing the damage of this pain. Until the damage is repaired it will continue to show up as aggression and violence against humanity. After thousands of years, the bottom line – Nature/our environment and relationship still hold the key to our survival.

Community Classes & Courses with Individual Support

The intro classes and courses support people in doing their personal healing work to restore true relationship/community and contribute to humanity. Trying to heal pain on our own without sufficient support can be difficult; especially, when experiencing intense or overwhelming emotion. Resources are provided to help with unpacking and releasing socialization, unhealthy beliefs, emotional wounding, pain, and trauma. Tools are also provided to navigate challenges related to loved ones and others’ unsupportive beliefs and judgment.

Dedicated safe space is provided to hold heart and humanity for personal-collective healing. Individual sessions are also available for personalized support and for more in depth focus and healing of specific, multiple, and family/transgenerational experiences. Contact us to learn more or to create a healing opportunity specific to the needs of your organization or community.