Therapeutic Coaching Group II

Naturopathy as a Lifestyle: Prosperity, Creating from our Natural Rhythms & Cycles
Tuesdays, TBA at 3:00 – 4:00 pm PST; 3 Sessions
A Kenshō Health, Free Personalized Health Workshop Series

In today’s society, we often are required to adapt to the rhythms and cycles of others to survive. This group is about going within attuning to one’s own natural rhythm and cycle for prosperity in all areas of life.

We will explore:

  • What are they: distinctive qualities and flow?
  • What is supportive or a similar resonance?
  • What is needed to strengthen them?
  • Releasing social patterns and habits that conflict with our personal rhythm and cycles

Regular nourishment and support of our personal pace and flow strengthens us with the motivation and energy to create. A rhythm or cycle that creates imbalance (too fast, insufficient rest or nourishment, etc.) drains energy and impairs health and wellbeing. Long-term imbalance contributes to burnout and the development of inflammation, chronic health conditions, and a compromised immune system. The body’s natural rhythms and cycles include optimal frequencies for the organs and systems with specific times during a 24-hour period that the systems are at their highest efficiency. A natural, balanced ebb and flow amplifies our ability to draw what we want and need; it also helps to release fears of not having enough.

Key takeaways?

  • An overview of how organ and system frequencies (rhythm) regulate the body’s cycles
    • How the body’s natural rhythm and cycles affect our ability to create
    • The relationship between our natural rhythm/frequency, health and wellbeing, and creative prosperity
  • Discovery and exploration of personal rhythm and cycles
    • Increased awareness of underlying rhythms and cycles that are passed down or transferred to us
  • Ideas for synchronizing daily living to support, nourish, and strengthen the quality of our individual rhythm
  • Ways to create coherency; aligning our choices with our natural rhythm and cycles

Who/what is this good for?

This therapeutic, coaching group supports people in finding their own way and selecting a path that is attuned to their unique rhythm and cycles. Allowing the person and those they care for to be in relationship in a way that is nourishing to the soul. Some people may feel challenged with other’s beliefs and judgments. The group will be safe space to explore what this path will look like for them with assistance to create a personal environment that supports the journey.