A Heart Ministry

Living Sanctuary supports the development of inner awareness and self-knowledge to engage in love and compassion in interactions and relationships with ourself, family/friends, local-global community, the Earth/our environment. We welcome, honor, and respect differences of creeds, paths or traditions; encounters of the heart-spirit experienced in our personal way (see our mission, vision, and values). Living Sanctuary provides phone-based, online, and community resources to support, nourish, and promote healing, development, health, and wellbeing.

We offer quality, effective guidance and resources in reciprocal relationship and mutual respect. As a ministry, guidance and resources are provided without intention for profit. We share information, strategies, and tools to help you to achieve goals and manifest your vision for a restorative lifestyle and living/work environment. The offerings that we provide fund the school and the community projects and programs that are part of the ministry.

Spiritual Guidance & Healing
Holistic Life Wellness Consults & Coaching:
Health & Wellbeing, Lifestyle, & Environment
Personal Practice & Development
Nature/Ecology & Spiritual-Consciousness Studies
Immersion Retreats
Pay-It-Forward Program
Women’s Collective for Self Healing
Inner Communion Online Resources

Contact us or call (805) 380-3733 to learn more and participate in our ongoing meditations, development groups, and classes. Receive help (online, phone, and onsite) in creating a thriving, peaceful, lived experience and a nurturing, healing environment.

Whole Life Development for Creating Personal Sanctuary