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Whole Life Health & Wellbeing

Creating personal living sanctuary….

The Whole Life Health and Wellbeing personal course supports and helps cultivate a fulfilling, peaceful, and inspiring experience. Receive help with emotional or life challenges, chronic health problems, and spiritual wellbeing; balance personal relationships and work-social interactions. Create a revitalizing home space to support your healing. Convenient phone and video conference sessions are also available.

28-Day Personal Healing Course

Effectively navigate challenges and create a more vibrant, fulfilling life.

This course helps you to uncover and heal underlying contributors for effective problem resolution. Access and deepen personal awareness, discover and cultivate new internal resources, and facilitate personal, family, and community healing. In this 1:1 integrative, experiential course, we provide guidance and teach applications to restore emotional-mental, physical, and spiritual health and wellbeing; increase prosperity; inspire creativity; and facilitate continued growth/development to transform your life.

28-Day Personal Healing Course: $360 (initial consult and 4 sessions; additional sessions and weekend retreat available)

Contact us, we will discuss your needs/concerns and develop a plan for you to achieve your goals. You also may schedule an appointment for your initial consultation (phone, online, or in-office session options).

Whole Life Development for Creating Personal Sanctuary