Matters of the heart run deep…

The heart carries the emotional pain of many generations. This may be pain from oppression, suppression, subjugation, separation, alienation, wounding, trauma, grief, and loss. It can show up as depression, anxiety, anger, feeling numb or disconnected and in other emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual ways that affect our health and interactions. Unhealed pain also acts as an underlying stressor that increases the stress of daily life. This negatively contributes to hormonal and metabolism imbalances, inflammation/physical pain, stress related chronic health conditions (epigenetics/gene expression), weakened immunity, abuse, and addiction.

Emotional wounding/pain and trauma can occur from intentional or unintentional mind, body, and heart-soul aggressions. Experiences as a child growing up, the backpacks we were given (privilege, oppression), beliefs we were consciously (or unconsciously) taught, injustice, inequality, acts of violence, racism/racial bias, prejudice as well as cultural and ancestral-transgenerational trauma all affect the core of our being. The healing of individuals, families, relationships, communities, nations, and the environment— the world require repairing the damage of this pain. Until the damage is repaired it will continue to show up as intentional and unintentional aggressions against humanity.

Individual & Collective Healing

Healing pain on our own without sufficient support can be difficult; especially, when experiencing intense or overwhelming emotion. We need to prepare with resources to help us get through unpacking and releasing the pain and trauma. Ancient cultures often created space for healing in relationship via ritual and ceremony. Personal lineages, family ancestors were included in the work for healing across past, present, and future generations. This was spiritual; but in the context that the mind, body, and heart-soul are spirit manifest, spirit as form. Relationship, (i.e., heart to heart, nature) maintained balance and restored the community. Health, wellbeing, and prosperity was dependent on healing relationship.

Our nation and the world are reeling with pain from the present to hundreds (if not thousands) of years. The only way forward for true change requires the healing of the aggressions (intentional and unintentional) and the heart. Healing allows for new relationship that eradicates oppression, suppression, separation, alienation, and acts of violence, racism, prejudice, injustice, and inequality threatening humanity, impacting all life and the planet. It is time to heal.

Restoring Relationship, Healing Community

Living Sanctuary provides dedicated, safe space to release wounding, pain, and trauma. This is for personal, ancestral, transgenerational, and cultural/historical healing across all differences in ethnicity, gender, culture, race, and creed. We hold heart and humanity for all participants.

Join us for our online talks, healing groups, classes, and courses. Individual, 1:1 online sessions are also available to focus on healing specific, multiple, and family experiences. Contact us, we also provide support for your organization, business, or local community.