Rev. Dr. Myra Miller PhD CHHC
Life, Health, & Wellness Consulting/Coaching
Spiritual Direction/Guidance, Counseling, & Healing
Contemplative Studies

Welcome to Living Sanctuary!

I created Living Sanctuary’s health and wellbeing, healing lifestyle, and restorative home to support and help cultivate a fulfilling, peaceful, and inspiring life experience. For more than 15 years, I have provided psychotherapy, holistic health/wellness consulting, mind-body therapies, and guided spiritual-consciousness development. I offer comprehensive guidance and educational resources to facilitate whole life healing and revitalization.

Education, Training, & Experience

As child, I wanted to become a nurse to help people heal. After going to school for nursing and social work, I saw the need for more holistic resources to address life’s challenges. To prepare, I completed a doctorate degree in Transpersonal (spiritual) psychology with specializations in clinical psychology, spiritual guidance, and education and research. Post-doctoral education included Eastern medicine (Ayurveda/Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine) and numerous health, wellbeing, and fitness certifications. I also am an ordained minister. Spiritual gifts that have been with me all of my life continue to develop on my own contemplative path.

The years of education, training, and spiritual gifts help clients to maximize inner resources and to improve their own quality of life. Living Sanctuary is a heart-centered ministry that aligns with the client's spiritual beliefs to address heart-soul wounding and trauma as well as emotional, mental, physical, and life challenges. My professional experience include the following areas:

  • Holistic Life Health & Wellness
  • Emotional-Mental Wellbeing
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Restorative Relationships & Environment
  • Life-Work Balance, Purpose & Career
  • Contemplative Living & Spiritual Development
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Nature/Ecology & Spiritual-Consciousness Studies
  • Green-Sustainable Living

Creating Personal Sanctuary

You are welcome to review the website’s resources for inspiration or contact me and discuss how we can work together to successfully achieve your goals and improve your quality of life. I look forward to helping you create your own living sanctuary that optimizes the health and wellbeing of you and your loved ones.

Love & Light,
Dr. Myra

Whole Life Development for Creating Personal Sanctuary