Contemplative Studies

Contemplative Studies: Nature/Ecology & Spiritual-Consciousness

“Culture is beyond definition and limitation – a concept or a box. It is the living, evolving soul of the people.”


To cultivate via contemplative, ecology and spiritual-conscious studies the capacity to positively influence our personal and community experience.

To develop and utilize discerning self-knowledge (relationship with Self, Self as others/community, and Self as nature/the environment).

To assert heart-centered ethical principles that facilitate ecological, social, and economic justice.

To engage in stewardship of the Earth and to re-establish the health and wellbeing of our local-global communities.

The Nature Studies Conservatory

“We are prisoners of a delusion.” ~ Albert Einstein

Constructs, the way we understand the world, are often formed by separation; which, can create a disconnect from our natural way of being. The concept of sustainability to preserve the Earth/environment is much more than minimalism versus consumerism. "Either/or" contributes to more imbalance.

As the Earth is consumed, the people are also being consumed with increasing decline of health, social, and economic equality and wellbeing. Our recovery from delusion requires re-establishing a healthy relationship with our inner-self, community, and the environment. It is critical that we develop a sustainable way of be-ing for the renewal of the planet and the continued evolution of life.

Heart-centered (relationship), contemplative inquiry, ecology, and spiritual-consciousness studies are integrated with art, science, and community service for sustainable, social transformation–freedom, moksha. The Conservatory's approach engenders a fundamental shift in the way of we see and experience the world for a more expanded understanding of our relationships (self, others, and the Earth).

Studies also include the relationship between physical matter and nonphysical energetic-consciousness. This micro level of inquiry offers a greater awareness of the dynamics affecting our quality of life, health and wellbeing, extended human capacities, and societal transformation. Aligning our awareness, thoughts, and actions; we can work toward healing chronic stress (and related health conditions), emotional wounding/trauma, social issues, and environmental challenges.

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Whole Life Development for Creating Personal Sanctuary