Sustainability, Health, & Wellbeing

The Nature Studies Conservatory and the Culture of Sustainability (COS) Outreach were established to help facilitate the recovery of our planet and local-global communities. The Conservatory offers nature retreat courses for personal development. The COS Outreach participates in community collaborations and provides focus group, visioning retreats. The focus groups are held in eco-retreat settings to develop innovative strategies for sustainable evolution in relationship with each other and the Earth. We assist in restoring the environment and provide community education as well as a donation-based, Pay-it-Forward Program. These resources serve individuals, families, and organizations. Our work helps people to navigate challenges, increase inner peace and balance, and optimize overall health and wellbeing.

Women’s Collective for Self-Healing is a local and online community that provides resources for creating personal, community, and planetary restoration and wellbeing. In November 2015, we launched an online program to increase the accessibility of free preventive and restorative services.  In March 2019, we began our first class series in Ojai, CA; Women’s Health and Wellbeing, Self-Practice: Creating Personal Sanctuary. Each month, we have a new topic that bridges with our online group events.

Contact us for more information and to get involved! We would like to hear about your projects and to discuss working together for a common goal of local-global sustainability.