2020 Healing for Life

2020 Healing for Life: Renewing the Mind, Body, & Spirit

It is more important than ever to go inward to renew our peace, to heal, and to continue our personal-spiritual development for health, wellbeing, and life balance. 2020 brings an opportunity for change, releasing the old and beginning anew. This year has the potential for deep transformation. How do we make the most of this opportunity when there is some much happening?

As we transition to a new decade, many people are faced with increasing work, health, relationship, family, and financial problems. Managing by pushing harder feels less effective and no longer enough to “get by”.  Busy schedules, work, income, and bills seem to be consuming more of our time and energy. People want change; but may feel stuck, unable to move forward. Current, national and world-wide issues increase concern about the state of humanity and the earth.

Individual, Group, & Community Healing

The 2020 Healing for Life individual, group, and community sessions  provide support in ascending to your higher calling and inner truth in the midst of daily challenges. This work is not just to fulfill New Year’s resolutions; but, to revitalize life. We help you to remove the challenges that make it difficult to focus on your higher self, inner relationship, and personal-spiritual development.

  • Worry
  • Negative Thinking
  • Unhealthy Habits, People & Situations

Releasing creates balance:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Energy
  • Creativity
  • Prosperity

These contribute to fulfillment, happiness, and an improved quality of life.

2020 Personal Healing:
Pay-it-Forward, 30-minute sessions
Guidance & Healing $30, 30-minute sessions

2020 Group Healing:
Free, 90-minute sessions (donations accepted)

2020 Community Healing:
Free, 120-minute sessions (donations accepted)

*All sessions are available by phone or online via Skype or Zoom.

Contact us or schedule an appointment to receive an individual session and to learn about our upcoming group and community sessions. You also may request group and community sessions for friends/loved ones, an organization or your own community. We look forward to helping you bring in the new decade with transformation and renewal!

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