2020 Healing for Life: Renewing the Mind, Body, & Spirit

Together, we can overcome challenges and create opportunities for healing change.

The 2020 Healing for Life individual, group, and community sessions provide professional support in overcoming the current Coronavirus and everyday challenges. This work is not only to get through the pandemic; but, to revitalize life. It is also an opportunity to reconnect to your higher self, deepen inner relationship, and further personal-spiritual development.

Receive help to:

  • Navigate life problems
  • Release fear, anxiety, and worry
  • Create balance:
    • health & wellbeing
    • creativity
    • prosperity

These contribute to fulfillment, happiness, and an improved quality of life.

* All sessions are available by phone or online via Skype or Zoom.

Individual, Group, & Community Healing

Free and Pay-it-Forward Sessions:

Personal (1 hr)
Family/Group (1.25 hr)
Community (1.5 hr)

Contact us or schedule an appointment to receive an individual session and to learn about our upcoming, online group and community sessions. You also may request group and community sessions for friends/loved ones, an organization or your own community.