Nature Immersions

Nature Immersions: Harmonizing with the Natural World

In addition to numerous health benefits, a few days of being immersed in Nature provides a slower pace, a rest from demanding mental-physical activities, and often enhances awareness with moments of insightful clarity. Being in nature provides space for inner exploration and self-discovery; which, contribute to the vision and motivation for achieving our goals.

We provide contemplative, ecology spiritual-consciousness studies for personal development. The nature immersions offer the unique experience of depth work, dynamic exchange, and hands-on experientials in “natural classrooms,” in vibrant, sustainable settings in the United States and around the world.

Stewardship opportunities are also available at the retreat sites. These blended learning retreats include follow-up support services as well as online study groups, course materials, and resources for sustainable change.

Visit the Nature Studies Conservatory for more information or contact us for additional details, pricing, and extended stay options.

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